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How will people actually get to my goMobi site?

There are four ways by which users can reach your site.

The easiest way is to promote the site to your customers. For example, using goMobi you can send links via text message for your goMobi site to your customers’ mobile phones so they always have your information in hand.

1 - Automatic redirection - add redirection code to your desktop site, so if your customers go to your desktop website on a mobile device they will automatically redirected to your mobile site seamlessly.  You can generate the code to add to your desktop site from the ‘Advanced’ feature in the Setup Assistant or by clicking on the Finish button on the Setup Assistant.  You can generate the code to insert in any of the following:

o   JavaScript, PHP, JSP, ASP

2 - Generate the QR Code flyer from QR Code feature. QR codes are a great way for people to go directly to you mobile site. You can easily generate a QR Code and/or marketing flyer with one click.  You can print this and place it in your store/business location or include in any marketing materials so that people can scan the QR code with their phone and be brought directly to your mobile site. QR codes can be created to point to any page on your mobile site. Your QR code will always work, even if you change the domain of your mobile site.

3 - Search. Users on mobile devices increasingly see mobile sites returned in search results, so goMobi sites will increase your business’s visibility to mobile users.

4 - Add a link on your desktop website to your goMobi site. This will help increase awareness that the mobile site is available. This functionality is offered as part of the goMobi package, and can be easily put in place by the designer of your desktop website.

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