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How to setup and configure Microsoft SharePoint

I.  Requirements

  • You will need a savvisdirect Microsoft SharePoint subscription

    • 10GB Essential

    • 25GB Advanced

    • 100GB Premium

  • A valid email account

  • Access to the Internet

II.  Activate your Microsoft SharePoint subscription

Once you have purchased your SharePoint subscription, you will need to activate it. Login to your SavvisDirect account and go to the Applications tab on the Management Console.

After selecting Setup, you will be required to enter in the Account Administrator information.

After you click Save, you will receive a message stating that your changes have been saved and the status of your subscription will be in a state of provisioning.

*Wait approximately 5 minutes and then refresh your page or go back to the Applications tab.  Your Microsoft SharePoint subscription status should now say Active.

Emails regarding the SharePoint account will be sent to the Account Administrator at the email address entered on the Account Administrator information page.  Examples of emails sent below:

*The SharePoint Administrator account is automatically setup once the account has been activated.  It does not need to be manually setup.

III.  Configure Your SharePoint Account

To configure your subscription, click on Manage and then click Launch Service on the following screen.


A new browser tab will open and you will be redirected to your Microsoft SharePoint Control Panel.

*At first launch, you will be required to enter an alternate email address, cell phone #, and create your security questions/answers. 

After clicking Save Changes, you will be presented with the Get Started page.

After clicking Home, you will be presented with the Welcome to Your Exchange Hosting Control Panel page.


After clicking SharePoint, you will be presented with the SharePoint Users page.  This is where you will be able to manually configure the SharePoint account.


*The SharePoint Admin/Owner is required to login to the SharePoint and create the other user accounts first, in order f or the other users to be able to login. 

A.  Create User/s


Enter the information for your new SharePoint user and click Create.

*Multiple users can be imported by clicking the option “import multiple users from TXT, CSV files and DirectoryLink” option.


Once a User is created, an email will be sent to the Account Administrator/Owner with instructions to send the new Login and password to the new user.

B.  Account Contacts

This page can be used to create and manage your Account Contacts.  Account Contacts are users that are allowed to log into CONTROL PANEL to view and manage various items depending on their role.

On the Account Contacts page, select the Contact Name to manage and change settings on a contact.

To create a new Account Contact, select Create New Account Contact.


If you encounter any problems or need assistance, please contact the savvisdirect Service Center at 855-459-6121.

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