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How to Implement Google Analytics to your website

Create a Google Account

1.  Go to Google Analytics main page.

2.  Click create account and enter email address.

3.  Create password.

4.  Select location.

5.  Enter birth date.

6.  Enter secret word.

7.  Click “I Accept”

Create a Google Analytics account

1.  Go to Google Analytics main page.

2.  Click sign up link.

3.  Enter Google account email address and password; then click “Sign In” button.

4.  When getting started page appears, click the “Sign Up” button.

5.  Enter the URL for your site’s home page into the website’s URL box.

6.  Enter a name for the website into the “Account Name” box.

7.  Select your country.

8.  Select your time zone.

9.  Click “Continue”

10.  Accept “User Agreement” page.

11.  Click “Create New Account” button.

12.  Google now displays the tracking code you need to add to your website.

13.  Copy the code and paste it in a text file.

14.  Click “Save and Finish” button.

Add Google Analytics to your website

1.  Open the text file you saved the tracking code to and copy the code.

2.  Open your web page in a website editing tool and enable HTML editing, as opposed to “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWIG) editing.

3.  Scroll to the bottom of the document, to the end of the <BODY> section.

4.  Paste the Google Analytics copy code just before the </BODY> tag.

  1. For database driven dynamic web sites, you should insert the tracking code on your index.php or equivalent page.

5.  Save your web page.

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