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How do I upgrade my Cloud Fax plan?

1.  Log into your savvisdirect dashboard.

2.  Click on the blue Applications tab.

3.  Click Manage next to your Cloud Fax subscription.

4.  From the 'Manage' page, click 'Upgrade Fax Plan'.


5.  Select desired upgrade and then click 'Proceed with Upgrade'.

6.  From the Upgrade confirmation page, click 'Process Upgrade'.

7.  The next page will display your order confirmation along with your Order Confirmation number.  Click 'Back to Application' to get to the 'Mange' page or proceed to upgrade again by clicking 'Make More Upgrades'.

8.  The following screen shot demonstrates display of the Application page when 'Back to Application' is selected.  

Note: Depending on the speed of page reloading vs the provisioning, the old # pages may display until the upgrade processes successfully.  Status of 'Configuring Service' will display until provisioning is complete.

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