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How to add commenting capabilities to a webpage in SiteBuilder

The commenting service is powered by Disqus, a third-party service which stores and processes all comments. Before the visitors can leave comments, you need to register an account with Disqus.

1.  Go to the “Modules” tab, select “Commenting”, and drag the module to the page.

2.  If you have not registered with Disqus yet, click the “Register” button. A registration form will appear either in a new window or tab.

3.  Specify the following:

a.  Your desired name and “Site Shortname” (Unique ID). You will need to specify this “Site Shortname” later in the Blog module settings to enable commenting.

b. Comment moderator’s username, password, and e-mail address. A confirmation message will then be sent to the e-mail address for validation purposes.

4.  Click “Continue”.

5.  Specify the language and other settings. Click “Continue”.

6.  On the last step of registration, no further action is needed. Just log out of the Disqus site.

7.  You will need to check their e-mail inbox for the verification message from Disqus. This message will provide a link for verification.

8.  Return to the browser window with SiteBuilder and open the Blog module properties, if it closed.

9.  In the box titled “Apply here the website ID (shortname) received during registration”, type the site ID that that you created during registration with Disqus.

10. Click “Apply”.

11. Click “Ok” to save changes.


NOTE: In addition to viewing comments, you can do the following:

  • Edit comments

  • Delete comments

  • Mark comments as spam

  • Ban users (by e-mail or IP address)

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