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Microsoft Office 365
from CenturyLink
Starting At
per user/mo

Document Sharing for Real-Time Problem Solving

  • Email, Unlimited online meetings, powerful collaboration tools
  • Up to 5 devices per user (Mac or PC)
  • 1TB of personal storage for each user
  • Online and Desktop versions of Office

Microsoft Hosted SharePoint

per site/mo Buy Now

10GB per site

per site/mo Buy Now

25GB per site

per site/mo Buy Now

100GB per site

Microsoft Hosted SharePoint logo
Key features of Microsoft Hosted SharePoint
  • Includes unlimited users for powerful team & project collaboration
  • Simple file sharing with revision control
  • Easy online administrative controls for
    role-based access

Microsoft Hosted Lync

per user/mo Buy Now

IM, chat, PC-to-PC
voice, remote desktop

min. quantity 5
per user/mo Buy Now

Essential features +
web/AV conferencing

min. quantity 5
Microsoft Hosted Lync logo
Key benefits of Microsoft Hosted Lync
  • Single solution for IM, voice, video/web conferencing &amp group chat
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office
  • Indicators to show users' availability

Cloud Fax

Cloud Fax 250
per month Buy Now

250 pages per month

additional pages - $0.10/page
Cloud Fax 500
per month Buy Now

500 pages per month

additional pages - $0.10/page
Cloud Fax 1,000
per month Buy Now

1,000 pages per month

additional pages - $0.10/page
  • Securely send and receive faxes from computers & mobile devices
  • No cost of toner, paper or a phone line
  • Fax up to 20 recipients at once, add a cover letter, automatically resend faxes after a busy signal & more

Egnyte File Sync & Share

Egnyte Team
per month Buy Now

3 - 10 Users, 200 GB Shared Storage

Egnyte Office
per month Buy Now

5 - 50 Users, 1 TB Shared Storage

Egnyte Business
per month Buy Now

5 - 200 Users, 5 TB Shared Storage

  • Desktop Syncronization
  • Outlook Integration
  • DocuSign Integration

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