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Use Cases

Below is an example of how businesses can use Secure Online Backup to reduce the chance of losing data while decreasing IT spending. The use case outlines the primary concerns a company might have about their data backup needs, as well as how Secure Online Backup helped mitigate those concerns, producing positive results.

Secure Online Backup Use Case

Protecting Data Across Devices

An environmental non-profit provided data protection for employees and volunteers alike with CenturyLink’s Secure Online Backup, keeping their assets secure regardless of the device they were stored on.

A small but active environmental non-profit relies on contributors (who often work from their own laptops and home computers) to help generate content and spread the word about the cause. Valuable videos, presentations and position papers were being created on the personal devices of their volunteers. As the volume of content grew, the organization became increasingly concerned that its data was at risk. If a single device got lost or files inadvertently deleted from a device, the organization could lose important information that might damage its reputation and cause it to lose public credibility.

Key Concerns

Better Security


Sensitive data needed protection and encryption both at-rest and in-transit. Plus, the organization needed assurances that data could be backed up from whatever device its supporters might use.

Easy to Use

Ease of Use

Without a formal IT staff, the organization didn’t have the capability to install or configure complicated systems. They needed the ability to “set-it and forget-it,” when it came to automatically backing up devices.



As a non-profit, the organization needed to keep its dollars focused on its core mission and not on expensive IT solutions. They wanted a cost-effective solution that could grow as they grew.

Secure Online
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The CenturyLink Solution

The organization chose to purchase the Secure Online Backup Advanced plan with 25GB of storage, allowing them plenty of room to backup large video, audio and image files. Across the board, the organization is now able to protect critical content without adding significant costs or IT infrastructure.

Now the organization is able to easily control its backups with automated scheduling and alerts—without having to train users on how to manually back up their data. The data on their volunteers’ devices is automatically backed up every day, ensuring that valuable content is protected and allowing them to easily restore data if it gets deleted by accident or a device becomes lost or stolen.


  • Achieved greater control over disparate content, giving their executive committee piece of mind
  • Kept IT costs from increasing by eliminating physical backup devices or IT staff to maintain them
  • Ensured content was protected from theft, loss or accidental deletion, helping ensure they could continue business
    as usual
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